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Closed Project

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Fall 2016


Tugrul Daim

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Technology Assessment and Acquisition

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ETM 531


Wearable technology -- Design and construction, Wearable technology -- Marketing, Consumers -- Decision making


Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are reshaping our world. Companies keep launching their innovations in different industries. Some of these technologies have well-defined but limited customer targets such as chronic patients, whereas some are intended to become mainstream products for the masses. Activity tracking wristbands are a good example of the latter. These devices are mainly designed to monitor activities, and other health related measures on a continuous basis, but their functions are limited to neither fitness nor health tracking. First of all, the information provided by these devices and the way they are provided -which is directly related to their technology- play a significant role in the adoption decision. Moreover, as consumers need to keep them on their wrist constantly, its design plays a critical role. Being effective from hedonic aspect is important as well. Last but not the least, cost should always be taken into account in adoption decision. Due to the multi-dimensional nature of adoption, it is crucial to understand how people view and evaluate each dimension. In this paper, the aim is to highlight the importance levels of these dimensions and their underlying criteria for university students using Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM). Furthermore, with the aim of better demonstrating the practicality of the study, eight real and one fictitious fitness tracking wristband products are evaluated based on the perspectives and criteria weights obtained from the HDM model and desirability curves and scores.


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