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Closed Project

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Fall 2013


Ilknur H. Tekin

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Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522


Cultural diversity, present in multicultural teams, can have both negative and positive effects on the performance and interaction of the team. The diversity comes from different cultural backgrounds present in the team. For instance, people raised in the Midwest of the United States have a shared culture and beliefs that can be different from someone raised in Europe. Culturally homogenous groups tend to be more comfortable interacting with each other. On the other hand, diverse teams might not feel as comfortable, but have the potential to bring new ways of thinking. This challenges people to step out of the box, which usually leads to new ideas, new processes, new services, and new products. When establishing a team it is important to have a variation in internal factors: age, race and gender; as well as external factors: different backgrounds, educational experiences and political ideologies. This brings opportunity for the team to be more effective by developing new ideas and better problem solving.


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