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Closed Project

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Fall 2013


Ron Khormaei

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Strategic Planning

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ETM 525


Finex is a startup Company founded by Mike Whitehead, a design engineer who is also passionate about cooking and especially cooking with cast iron. Mike could not find the ideal cast iron in the current market and decided to design one himself. After couple of years of trial and errors, he came up with a very new octagonal design of cast iron skillet, which would make using it a lot easier. He also changed the conventional shape of cast iron skillets’ handle to a new form that would decrease heat transfer a lot and therefore make cooking with cast iron a lot more convenient. He put the project in Kickstarter and gained a huge success of 800% of his goal. He received many press attention and acknowledgements even before he released first cast iron! Wired and uncrate were among the several press that wrote about the Finex cast iron skillet [1]. Although Kickstarter success is inspiring, it does not guarantee a future success and it is only a beginning. Finex required a proper strategy to enter matured cast iron market. This document presents our Strategy for Finex.


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