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Closed Project

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Spring 2013


Ron Khormaei

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Competitive Strategies in Technology Management

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ETM 527


Most of the company will measure their success by looking through their stock price and share level because it is the most effective way to see how the business is doing in the economic world. However, not all of the company can be measures in this way because some of the companies do not compete with other in order to survive in the fast pace economic world. Bonneville Power Administration is one of the companies that do not count for their stock price to getting higher. They are a public agency that generating power from the Columbia River to service customers in Pacific Northwest. Most of their business activities will focus on research and development to improve their service of energy efficiency and transmission system. However, the environment issue of wildlife and fish is also in the company concerned. One of the departments that are the key success for the company is technology innovation office that Mr. Terry Oliver is the chief of the department was the guest speaker for competitive strategy class. In order to understand their business clearly, the research team analyze the company by adapting the tool from the class: top-down logic and bottom-up logic. Moreover, in his presentation, he also mentioned about the technology innovation projects about research and development of energy efficiency (Smart Grid) and transmission system (Helical Connector Shunts). The case studies were analyzed by using knowledge-utility transformation, risk and return dimension and also applying the knowledge-value cluster to understand the company’s activities.


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