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Closed Project

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Spring 2013


Ron Khormaei

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Competitive Strategies in Technology Management

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ETM 527


The team uses the content given by Dr. Alavi to demonstrate the connection between the presentation and how these concepts are practically applied at three companies. Since each team member worked at an organization that have innovators, tying the presentation material to a practical application seemed like a natural approach. The first company, Mondelēz International Inc., illustrates the company’s motivational principles used to lead people. It is mainly about Conflict Mode Instrument (CMI), Personal Style Inventory (PSI), Change Style Indicator (CSI), and Situational Leadership (Diagnosing Development level), which provide the guidelines to be an effective leader, and therefore the ability to manage creative people. The second company is Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). The analysis describes characteristics of their creative geniuses, the difficulties managing and motivating them, and provides solutions to improve their current processes. Specifically, details are provided to support the four major aspects, which are genius characteristics, impact on culture, evaluation mechanisms, and managing team dynamics. The last company is Intel and the emphasis of the discussion is on how important it is to work in a team culture – innovators need to adapt. Elements of high performance teams are considered along with the adaptation of the Tuckman model (Intel’s model of team development).


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