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Closed Project

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Summer 2013


Tugrul Daim

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R&D Management

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ETM 536/636


The term “Innovativeness” confers both technological and market impetus of a firm. There is a plethora of factors given by different literatures behind a firm’s innovativeness. However, the most frequently argued concept is trying to correlate R&D spending to innovativeness. This paper tries to give insights to what extend R&D spending relates to “Innovativeness” through literature review and also considering R&D expenditure to be one of the most important input element of innovation, compared R&D performance of top nine most innovative companies by Booz and Co. Apple being the most innovative company has very few patents compared to IBM, Samsung and other firms and also in terms of collaboration and business diversity. R&D intensity is a measure of corporate reputation which may have an impact on innovation that can effect company’s ranking as most innovative.


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