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Closed Project

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Fall 2016


Timothy Anderson

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Operations Research

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ETM 540/640


United States. Bonneville Power Administration -- Library -- Collection development, United States. Bonneville Power Administration -- Budget -- Analysis, Operations research


As an electric power reseller, the Bonneville Power Administration has faced the same challenge as other US power producers with the global downturn in the oil market. Ratepayers are in long term contracts with BPA to purchase the sustainable energy produced by the Columbia River system, and with the lower energy costs those contracts are going to be negotiated for lower prices. In response, organizations within BPA have been tasked with reducing their budgets to match future lowered revenue. The BPA’s library in Portland, Oregon is subject to a 20% budget reduction, and tasked with optimizing its periodical collection to maintain user satisfaction. A literature review discussed in this paper, reveals that increasing costs of journal and periodical subscriptions are outpacing the increase in capital budgets of libraries globally. Through an operations research perspective, this paper provides a disciplined approach to optimizing the periodical collection under new constraints. A linear programming (LP) optimization model is developed to aid the BPA’s library administrators and decision makers in prioritizing and optimally selecting journal and periodical subscriptions, to meet the new budget constraints. The results of our model maximizes the sum of the weighted importance of each periodical and journal subscription in the library’s collection, and produced an optimal solution under all constraints.


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