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Closed Project

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Winter 2013


Timothy Anderson

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Research Methods

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ETM 565/665


When living and working in Texas on two occasions over the past 10-years, the author couldn’t help notice the differences in residential real estate. Although only renting apartments and living in hotels during his time, the author found time and interest to look into house prices and talk with friends who lived there permanently about the subject of residential real estate. During these two occasions (2003 and 2011) the business environment was such that interesting and challenging construction projects were plentiful in Texas and not as much so in Oregon. So as a commercial/industrial construction manager who enjoys studying residential real estate, there were interesting observations to be made. However, no actual assessments were made, nor data collection or quantifiable research. So looking back on those experiences and with an opportunity to perform current research methods, the author decided on two major differences that were observed and could be studied: 1. Affordability of residential real estate in Texas versus in Oregon 2. Price volatility during national economic cycles seemed less prevalent in Texas versus in Oregon


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