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Spring 2012


Tugrul Daim

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Energy Technology Innovations

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ETM 510/610


Smart power grids -- Design and construction, Smart power grids -- Patents -- Analysis, Technology management, Technological forecasting


By increasing demand for energy among nations the rate of fossil fuel consumption is boosting. The raise of fossil fuel consumption has motivated nations to gain some capabilities for the purpose of dealing with some consequences; the more fossil fuel consumption, the higher price for energy, and the higher rate of GHG as well. Recently smart grid technology has been introduced as a healing approach in terms of using energy more efficiently. This study made an effort to have some discussions around smart grid technology development in the United States by patent analysis and forecasting. The outcomes in both technology and company levels determined, although smart grid technology is growing up by 2015, it will still be at the first stage of its life cycle and to reach at its maturity phase several factors such as governmental support, standardization policies, and the nature of technology are involved in.


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