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Closed Project

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Spring 2012


Charles Weber

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Engineering & Technology Management

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ETM 567/667


Social networks, Knowledge management, Facebook (Firm) -- Management


Scientia potentia est is a Latin maxim for “Knowledge itself is power” stated by Francis Bacon in Meditationes Sacrae (1597), which is often paraphrased as “knowledge is power”. The phrase implies that with knowledge or education one’s potential or abilities inform life will certainly increase. It is also used as a justification for a reluctant to share information as some form of advantage can be gained through the use or manipulation of knowledge. Knowledge itself can be used to directly manipulate the content of reality.

In recent years, Facebook has become a significant powerful social network icon. But, what exactly Facebook do or produce? There isn’t a solid commodity material that exists or we can even buy in the market that has been made by Facebook. In reality, Facebook possesses nothing but EXPLICIT data that was given away by members at no cost to Facebook. World wide internet has so many social network sites such as Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and so many more, But Why is Facebook so popular?


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