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Closed Project

Publication Date

Winter 2012


Robert Dryden

Course Title

Advanced Engineering Economics

Course Number

ETM 535/635


Cloud computing -- Economic aspects, Web services, SAIF Corporation, Technology -- Management


Advances in unified communications are forcing businesses to contemplate innovative ways in delivering hosted services, information sharing and storage over the internet. With decreasing storage and bandwidth prices, cloud computing is fast becoming the best option for cost reduction in data sharing and storage for businesses that want to reduce the cost associated with maintaining a fully staffed IT department. For companies not ready yet to take the full plunge in pure cloud computing there is the hybrid option which offers the benefits of the latter without completely switching over. Finally, there is still the on-premise option, which is available for business still learning about cloud computing and not ready yet to make changes. This paper will produce a cost reduction study based on three options, On-premise, Hybrid and Pure Cloud for SAIF corporation. The study will rely on engineering economics concepts to analyze each option and recommend the best alternative in the end.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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