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Closed Project

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Spring 1990

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EMGT 506


This report deals with the dynamic behaviors of new product development (NPD) projects. It is a study of information - feedback characteristics of NPD project activities, to show how organizational structure, policies, decisions, actions and information processing interact to influence the NPD process. Basic functions of management included within the model are planning, staffing and controlling of NPD projects. Planning function addresses components of resource allocation, scheduling, projection and learning. Staffing function addresses recruiting, transferring and training. Controlling function deals with measurement, comparison, evaluation, replanning and implementation of corrective actions taken as a result of information feedback and learning. We used DYNAMO language for the mathematical model. Model is simulated on PSU's IBM 4381 computer. It calculates NPD project-time states for the given input conditions. One major drawback of the model developed is that it is simulated on hypothetical data. Therefore it has been impossible to verify and validate the simulation results. Possible extensions and future research areas are identified.


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