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Closed Project

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Winter 2012


Charles Weber

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555/655


Sustainable development -- Marketing -- Planning, City planning, Urban community development, Ecological regions -- Planning


In the world today, people are increasingly paying more attention to our living environment and rapid resource depletion. How we live in cities is one of the greatest challenges of our time. This marketing plan introduces a way to deploy EcoDistricts, an innovation that will have potentially the greatest positive impact on green energy, water, construction, planning and transportation thus far. It can help to achieve the cost and resource savings required to serve the massive numbers of people migrating to cities. This marketing plan is intended to explore the potential market for EcoDistricts Projects and form a strategy to capture that market. The report analyzes the target market – cities concentrating on existing neighborhoods with projects based on private funding, and provides customer and competition analyses. The plan concludes with a strategy constituting pricing and partnership plans as well as a communication plan to build brand awareness for EcoDistricts projects.

The Portland Sustainability Institute (PoSI) created EcoDistricts, a five phase approach for accelerating sustainable neighborhood development. EcoDistricts aims to create and implement a replicable, exportable, scalable, and economically viable framework for the resource-efficient regeneration of existing cities. This proposal will introduce and demonstrate how EcoDistricts will execute a plan to build and develop regenerative and resilient cities that are culturally thriving, energy and resource hyper-efficient, and economically sustainable [1].

This is a marketing plan for a new service named EcoDistricts. Market research data has been used to demonstrate an opportunity and how EcoDistricts can develop its marketing strategy.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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