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Winter 2012


Charles Weber

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555/655


New products -- Management, New products -- Marketing, New products -- Planning, Laptop computers -- Technological innovations


Today’s consumers are exposed to a wide range of electronic gadgets, mainly laptops and tablets, each one addressing part of the users’ needs such as portability, performance, and application accessibility, to name a few. The current fast pace, “on the move” life style is forcing the consumers to demand a full solution ready at their fingertips all the times. Possessing, carrying, and using two devices at once is not practical and is causing an inconvenient problem to a generation that is ready to own every single electronic gadget out there. Also, the trend of environmentally concerned people has been increasing year after year, as well as the consumer demand for green (recyclable and very efficient) products. A good point to keep in mind is that the manufacturers acknowledge the consumers’ partnership in innovation and they are giving it a great deal of consideration.

At Samsung, being part of the current generation, we captured those concerns and developed the concept for the Rolltop. The solution is a Laptop/Tablet/Standalone screen, 3 in 1 product that satisfies the versatility of the “on the move” customer needs and ‘I need this gadget too’ desires. A fully recyclable, more efficient in terms of power consumption, and flexible OLED/LEC (organic light-emitting diode/electrochemical-cell) display combined with the latest computing power and other ergonomic/mechanic features will cover all our consumer concerns, strengthen Samsung’s position in the driver seat and most importantly, put the environmental efforts in consumer electronics on the right track.

The Rolltop is the essential companion for the users, who through their turbulent lives, need an inherent keyboard to work on spreadsheets and other documents (as a 13-inch laptop), and a large multi-touch (17-inch tablet) screen and a stylus for design. Finally, the bonus 17” standalone display with its vibrant colors is there for movies time. The Rolltop will be equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, a Windows 8 operating system, a 500GB or SSD storage of up to 128GB, the Wi-Fi, WiMax and Bluetooth options along with the latest Thunderbolt technology. The approximate 3 pounds device will be available for a suggested $1,215.

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