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Closed Project

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Winter 2012


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Research Methods

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ETM 565/665


Factories -- Oregon -- Portland -- Performance, Cost-time profiling, Semiconductors -- Design and construction, Business logistics -- Mathematical models, Production control


This paper details the analysis of line cycle times and line yields of a high volume manufacturer in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Manufacturing data was pulled for the last three years and investigated for trends and relationships in line cycle time, line yields and order sizes. It was found that there were two broad groups, Simple and Advanced, which had significantly different performance characteristics. Once these broad differences were discovered partition functions were created to model the line cycle time and the line yield. It was shown that there was a heretofore unknown bottleneck existed at the beginning of the process which was impacting the cycle time of products. There were also several pieces of equipment found which appear to be significant contributors to yield loss which were not considered to be serious yield loss points in the past. This analysis was done using a simple partitioning of the response variables based on the equipment types the orders flowed through.


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