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Closed Project

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Fall 2011


Robert Dryden

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Communication and Team Building in Engineering Management

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ETM 522/622


At the start of the semester Professor Dryden instructed students to form groups for the purposes of implementing various projects/reports; the primary focus being an opportunity to gain hands-on experience towards team-work and management. Some of us already met at the orientation and decided to form a team. The three initial members got together and needed two more members. Because the three of us came from different backgrounds, we thought it was a good idea to have other members from different cultures and educational backgrounds to complete the team. The most unique thing about our team is that we are a diverse group of people with similar goals; excel in performance, receive an A in the course, and enjoy working together as a team. Our objectives were to get the assignments done on time, make the class ownership sessions enjoyable and most importantly get to know each other well.


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