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Closed Project

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Fall 2011


Tugrul Daim

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Technology Assessment and Acquisition

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ETM 531/631


The current political administration in the United States has created the first ever fuel economy and efficiency program with the goal of reducing Heavy Duty Truck Emissions [1]. Commercial trucks currently account for 4% of the total traffic on the road however; they contribute to nearly 20% of all fuel usage and a total 20% of the emissions produced by all vehicular products used on the roadway [2]. Although emission reduction and efficiency requirement increases are common place in the consumer vehicle market they have not been applied to the Commercial Truck segment before the recent implementation of performance standard. In the transportation market Commercial trucks, also known as Heavy Duty Trucks represent the fastest growing contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. This fact can be attributed to the fact that other transportation sectors, such as light vehicles such as cars, and pick-up trucks have had GHG targets to meet due to the oil crisis of 1973. Having first implemented these standards in 1975, the goals of these requirements are to reduce energy consumption by dictating energy efficiency in automotive products[7].


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