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Closed Project

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Spring 2011


Robert Dryden

Course Title

Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522


The following report is a reflection of the communication and team building experience over the course of the term as experienced by each individual member of the team. Each member was responsible for recounting their perceptions of a respective phase in the team building process. Each phase (Forming, Norming, Storming, and Performing) is presented as a unique testimonial of sorts from a member of the team. To summarize, the team unanimously agrees that from the initial formation of a team made up of individuals from across the world we had a choice as to how we would respond to such a task. Whereas the team could have accepted the cross-cultural differences as a hindrance and an acceptable excuse to underperform, each member instead took on the added responsibility to acknowledge, understand, and respect the vast cultural differences among the team. The result was a natural mix of roles with no need for an individual team leader in which each member could capitalize on their unique and respective strengths to contribute to the common goals of the team.


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