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Closed Project

Publication Date

Spring 2011


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Research Methods in Engineering Management

Course Number

ETM 565/665


There exist two types of approach statistical models are taking; 'compositional' and 'decompositional.' Models belong to former approach tries to explain the relationships among the existing data so that predict one's value from changes of others whereas latter tries to explain the relationships by assigning from one's given value to others. To illustrate this difference, we chose two typical models for both approach; regression model and conjoint analysis, and compare them focusing on their inner process. Especially, to explain the conjoint analysis, illustrative model for designing ideal smart phone is provided with step by step procedures in SPSS. Finally, idea incorporating advantages of both compositional and decompositional model is proposed for the future research.


This project is only available to students, faculty, and staff of Portland State University.

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