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Closed Project

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Winter 2011


Robert Dryden

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Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522


Teamwork has been a part of our lives, at every stage in various forms. The key to success is molding ourselves and our environment to positively enhance the success rate. Teams are often diverse, and that’s where the challenges lie, our team was also a uniquely diverse team, six different people, six different cultures, six different languages, six different countries, six different backgrounds, six different religions and six different attitudes. When we first met, the only thing we shared in common was the “Communication and Team Building class”. The ten weeks took us through a “roller coaster” ride, where we shared our fear, anticipation, joy, screams, laughter and emerged as a strongly bonded victorious team that achieved its primary goal. The journey from “group of strangers” to a “high performing team”, was emotional and an incredible learning experience unparalleled in its academic and experience value. Ziyad, Jubin, Dinesh, Dong-Joon, Ryan and Pinprapa are the six characters in this amazing “Harry Potter and the School of Wizardry” story. In the following pages, we have tried to express in words, the four different stages our team went through and evolved as a self-sustaining family. As you read, you will see an amazing story unfold, and grasp the spirit of Team-Building and Team work through our eyes and experiences.


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