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Closed Project

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Fall 2010


Robert Dryden

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Advanced Engineering Economics

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EMGT 535/635


Cloud computing, Cost effectiveness, Small business, Information technology -- Management


The Cloud has been existent in the background in some shape or form for centuries now. However we find ourselves asking – what is the cloud? What can it do for us, and why would we consider it for our various technology needs? In the past, businesses have integrated cloud computing partially to meet their technology needs, due to skepticism, reliability, and cost of the concept [1]. However, we are now reaching the era where this could be a feasible solution that meets our technology needs and assists businesses in meeting their goals in a reliable and efficient way but can we convince businesses that we are there yet? [2]. In a nutshell, cloud computing has grown over the last ten years and is still growing, but making waves in the Industry now more than ever, Why all this hype? Perhaps because cloud computing is seen as a viable replacement of enterprise owned local IT infrastructure [3]. In the course of our research, we researched key cloud providers, services, and selected the best provider “Google Apps” that met Chesterfield technologies businesses IT needs. The objective of our study is to determine the best cost effective IT Infrastructure for small businesses, specifically Chesterfield Technologies. A conventional B-C Ratio with AW is used to analyze both the traditional IT Infrastructure and the Cloud option. We will conclude with the results of the most cost effective option, Current trends, and recommendations. This analysis could serve as a tool for businesses in determining if cloud computing is the right step in meeting their technology and business needs.


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