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Closed Project

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Fall 2010


Timothy Anderson

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Operations Research

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ETM 540/640


Motor vehicle fleets -- Management, Oregon. State Accident Insurance Fund -- Management, Operations research, Motor vehicle fleets -- Government policy -- Oregon


The challenge of providing fleet car services for employees that satisfy business purposes is more significant in recent times due to the emphasis on sustainability as a core business requirement. SAIF (State Accident Insurance Fund) Corporation is Oregon's not-for-profit, state-chartered workers' compensation insurance company. At SAIF Corporation, company-owned vehicles are preferred over personal vehicles for official company business. The current policy at SAIF encourages employees to use company-owned vehicles over preferred vehicles. In a recent survey about the company’s fleet management services, 60% of its employees indicate they want to use their personal vehicles for business, most want the option to use either fleet or personal vehicles depending on the trip and circumstances.

As a result of this feedback, SAIF Corporation is revising its fleet policy starting January 2011. This policy now supports using personal vehicles over company-owned vehicles for business trips. This new policy will be tested for one-year, and the results will be evaluated.

This operations research study aims to address the following goals:

  • Describe the current fleet management system at SAIF Corporation, its design and process, as well as areas that may need future evaluation;
  • Recommend strategic design considerations on an optimal number and types of vehicles that SAIF Corporation should maintain in order to meet goals regarding business requirements, safety, technological changes, and environmental objectives;
  • Apply the Goal Programming model and principles of operations research as covered in the ETM 540 course in this study;
  • Contribute to the existing research iterature on optimizing transportation resources using operations research models.

The application of the Goal Programming model, findings and recommendations will be presented at the study’s conclusion.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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