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Closed Project

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Spring 2010


Robert Dryden

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Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522/622


Teams in the workplace -- Analysis, Communication in small groups, Teams in the workplace -- Case studies, Social groups -- Management


There has been extensive empirical and quantitative research done in the topic of assigning and managing resources as they relate to team dynamics. This research has been done to best align the functional and technical limited resources of an organization to best optimize the opportunity cost of said resources while optimizing the team’s performance. An additional variable of a team’s performance that is often overlooked by an organization is the team’s dynamics and how the variety of team member’s personality styles either contributes and/or impedes the team performance. As this criterion is often a luxury when analyzing and assigning team members to a team, it is still an important characteristics to understand and manage as the team forms and matures towards accomplishing a unified goal.

What this paper seeks to examine is to understand how these group dynamics do affect a team’s cohesion. Thus with this influence, it is a variable to manage as the group seeks a fluid, integrated alignment of their team work. Secondly, with this understanding, we will seek to research a method in how best to identify/employ these team dynamics and manage the uniqueness that each team member brings to the group. Given that limited resources do exist and are recognized in this paper, such an extended criterion for selecting team members might not be available but with the given methodology, we will explain how best to identify and manage these team dynamics.

Note: The Team's Process Report is included here as a supplemental file.


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