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Spring 2010


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Project Management

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EMGT 545/645


Intel Corporation -- Management, Technology -- Management, Project management, Agile software development -- Applications to manufacturing environments


In today’s rapidly changing environments and uncertain markets, responding to change quickly and effectively is the key to success. There has been an increasing demand for iterative development process for products. Agile development process has been successfully used application software development projects to respond to rapid customer requests. This paper explores the applicability of Agile Project Management approaches to the Hardware Design and Verification (DV) process. Pre-silicon hardware design and verification process has its deep roots in manufacturing. The process and culture for project management present in hardware design groups are closer to manufacturing than software development process. The common characteristics of absolute adherence to planning coming from manufacturing can clearly be seen in hardware design groups. A company’s corporate culture emanating from manufacturing background can be a barrier to adoption of any kind of software development process. For the purpose of our study, the authors conducted interviews with six different design groups at Intel ® Corporation. The interviewers explored the management aspects of the project, discussed the challenges and issues encountered with the longer development cycles in hardware design process. The paper analyzes the data gathered and discusses the patterns observed across the groups. Agile Project Management expects a shift in the “attitude” of the Program or Project Managers and requires organizational buy-in for adopting and successfully practicing it. The paper goes into recommendations to mitigate the existing issues by using Agile management principles and suggests behaviorial changes if project groups do move to an Agile development process at Intel, where majority of the groups follow traditional management principles.


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