Income Generation and Resource Allocation Methods: Turkish Electricity Company (TEC)

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Closed Project

Publication Date

Spring 1992


Richard F. Deckro

Course Title

Operations Research in Engineering Management

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EMGT 540


Turkiye Electricity Company's (TEC) income generation and resource allocation methods for technology acquisition were studied. We found that increasing natural environmental concern such as global warming and environmental pollution are forcing the electricity corporations to seek new electricity technologies. The most promising future electricity technologies seem to be solar technology in generation, superconductivity technology in transmission and distribution. We conclude that in the income generation and resource allocation process of the TEC, there are bureaucratic and political barriers as well as financial barriers. However, within the advanced engineering economics approaches are to be found a subset of a broader problem solving space. Moreover, it is recommended that TEC look for the future technologies, reduce energy losses, utilize overcapacity and be ready for EC's competitive market place. Further, TEC should be privatized for the sake of effectiveness.


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