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Closed Project

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Fall 2009


Charles Weber

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Capstone Project

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ETM 506


Knowledge Management (KM) is a vast subject is not at just implemented at the individual level. It is a complex “synergy involving individuals, collection of knowledge in human capital, procedures and tools” and flow through the organization.[7] Due to faster product development cycle and increase global competition, there is a growing need for KM for managers and project leaders to understand, utilize and continuously improve KM “control mechanism” to remain competitive, as knowledge does not flow through an organization on its own.[9] This paper explores Daimler Truck North America in order to compare literature on KM controls, by K. Turner and M. Makhija through inductive reasoning to find where theory is relevant in the trucking industry. Ultimately, the purpose of this paper is two-fold to illustrate an application as it relates to the theoretical framework of KM literature and highlight where literature can improve to make it more useful for applications.


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