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Closed Project

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Fall 2009


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Management of Engineering and Technology

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ETM 520/620


Innovation in Europe is of great interest to the world since a major portion of the world GDP relies on its goods and services which in turn are dependent on technology and innovation to stay competitive and remain relevant. This paper addresses Europe’s position in the world innovation and creativity stage by analyzing its trends—barriers and drivers—and compares its innovation-related performance metrics to those of the United States and Japan. The drivers indicate that the top European countries have motivated employees. A quantitative analysis indicates that countries like Sweden, Switzerland, and Finland, Europe are still ranked highest on the Global Innovation Scoreboard (GIS). A qualitative analysis indicates that EU is well-positioned in innovation because it’s simplified and standardized laws that help commercialization and strong support for local students to excel to graduate studies and R&D. Technology and industrial clusters provide a strong base for innovation and directed technological advances. Germany and Northern European countries (Sweden, Denmark, and Finland) have well-established diversified industrial clusters that are supported by both industries and government policies. In conclusion, Europe is still strong in innovation due to its diversified and established infrastructure and skilled and motivated talent. The authors recommend that Europe should focus on the strengths of each country, region, and technology cluster to continue to develop its innovation leadership.


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