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Closed Project

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Fall 2009


Robert Dryden

Course Title

Advanced Engineering Economics

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ETM 535


Currently the city of Portland Oregon utilizes pay stations to manage their street parking infrastructure. The pay stations allow car owners to pay for a designated public parking spot for a certain amount of time through the use of a variety of payment methods. While functionally these pay stations suffice the requirements, we believe there is another economical way to maintain this parking infrastructure. Their current design requires a lot of hardware and maintenance which greatly increases the operational cost. Because of the requirements on having hardware on every street, this requires a lot of overhead and maintenance. We will illustrate another functional model and show the economical analysis between the two models to allow decision makers to better evaluate alternatives of these two parking models. This alternative functional model has been deployed in other cities that remove the need for physical hardware on the streets and thus reducing the operational cost. We believe, once compared in our economic analysis, will give the city of Portland a footprint in which to review their parking infrastructure design.


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