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Closed Project

Publication Date

Spring 2010


Charles Weber

Course Title

Knowledge Management

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EMGT 567/667


Social media, Knowledge management, Microblogs -- Social aspects


Social communication is one kind of efficient tools for knowledge sharing since it exchanges thoughts. From knowledge management point of view, Microblogging, such as Twitter and Yammer, can be to tool for capturing or dumping the knowledge of the expert which is usually implicit knowledge and translate into text which is explicit knowledge. The concept of Microblogging is very simple because it is no need complex word to explain just typing down what are you thinking. Just for 2-3 sentences but worth with all information needed to explain. However the question is how Microblogging is useful tool to enhance the knowledge sharing in the enterprise with only 140-200 characters. This paper will describe why people decided to adopt this technology as a tool for communication while it has a limitation of posting word in only 140 characters.


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