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Closed Project

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Spring 2017


Charles Weber

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Management of Technological Innovation

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ETM 549/649


The natural world has been evolving for over three billion years through the process of natural selection. Evolution continues to perfect systems through form, function, pattern, strategy, and enumerable other applications. Looking towards nature can reveal previously overlooked or ignored capabilities and functions. When solving design problems or seeking innovative solutions, billions of years of natural selection can help deliver insight on problems or solutions beyond what was originally conceived. This process is called biomimicry: applying biological solutions to human problems. Growing interest in biomimicry has prompted a reenergized focus on innovation inspired by nature. The possible applications of biomimicry are immense and continue to reveal inspiration in innovation and design beyond what was originally imagined or constructed. This paper will investigate the applications of biomimicry in innovation - emulating form, function, pattern, and strategies. By investigating applications of biomimicry, it can be deduced that advancing this field will greatly influence a renewed focus on sustainable innovation. As sustainability becomes increasingly important, looking towards biomimicry will pave the path towards a sustainable inspired innovation platform. Eco-innovations energy savings, materials optimization and waste reduction display further insight on how biomimicry is influencing sustainable innovation.


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