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Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 1993


Richard R. Deckro

Course Title

Engineering Economic Analysis

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EMGT 535


This paper is an economic analysis of a program established to increase the capability of a software team's customer support process. The program analyzed will be referred to as the Wipro program. Wipro is a company located in Bangalore, India. Besides producing products, Wipro specializes in developing partner arrangements with companies. As a partner, Wipro supplies software engineers on contract. The problem that this Wipro program attempts to solve is how to best increase the support capability of a software team's customer support process. The paper presents a discussion of the growing role of software suppliers, detailed economic analysis of one program based on the author's own experience, a comparison with other approaches to increasing a software team's customer support process capability, recommendations for further analysis, and a summary of what he has learned. He quantifies issues in terms of dollar costs, dollar savings, or estimated dollar value, and then applies an economic analysis approach to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the program.


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