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Summer 2012


Tugrul Daim

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Technology Roadmapping

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ETM 534/634


Technology management, Strategic planning, Tesla Motors -- Management, Electric vehicles


In order for the United States, as well as other nations, to decrease their dependency and reliance on imported fossil fuel, to control and reduce the largest source of their carbon emission, and to secure their national transportation system, a faster transition from the Internal Combustion Engine to the Electric Vehicle has to be promoted. The public and private sectors will have to work hand in hand to ensure reaching such a national goal.

This paper lays out a technology roadmap for a private company ‘Tesla Motors’, proposing a balanced mixed basket of Technology Push and market Pull strategy in order to get closer and closer to the desired goal. Fossil fuel does not have to run out in order for the transition to take place. After all, the reason why humanity came out of the Stone Age was not due to the lack of stones, there still plenty out there.


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