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Closed Project

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Spring 2017


Charles Weber

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Management of Technological Innovation

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ETM 549/649


The history of the innovation and development of the lipstick started since 2500-1000 BC. Then it was incrementally developed through the years after. Obviously, formula was the primary applicator considered as the innovation of lipsticks. Its development basically driven by failures, user-demands, technologies, social trends and social regulations. The innovation of its pigments, ingredients, shape and packaging were invented based on those drivers. Nowadays, development of modern lipsticks seems not focus primarily on the pigments but other applicators such as transferred-resistance and lip protection. This paper illustrates that factors such as user-demands, social-trend, and social regulations significantly drive innovation of lipstick in the years before industry revolution of late 19th century while the technology advancement could be the factor which significantly drive lipstick innovation in the years after industrial revolution. Also, this paper provides a case of mass customization in lipstick business which now, seems to be the most advancement in the cosmetic business by focusing in particular brand, BITE who has been successful in customization services.


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