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Closed Project

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Spring 2017


Charles Weber

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Management of Technological Innovation

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ETM 549/649


Businesses have always been striving to adopt the best strategies to ensure that they achieve their strategic goals and objectives. These efforts have always been influenced by the changes in the macro and microeconomic environments where the businesses operate. The 20th century was memorable in this regard because, during this century, a paradigm shift in organizational strategy from standardization to customization occurred. Towards the end of the century and as the 21st century began, new technologies especially the Internet and computers added an impetus to this strategic shift. The outcome was the emergence of new concepts- mass customization and the experience economy. This study aims to explore the role of technology innovation in mass customization and the experience economy. Through a case study of Adidas’ mass customization program, miAdidas, the paper applies relevant innovation theories and analysis to achieve the purpose. According to the findings, Adidas relied on technology and innovation to introduce miAdidas. The success of the program to date can also be partly linked to the role of technology and innovation. This research studies teach important lessons as well as shows implications on other customers, organizations as well as other stakeholders. Introduction


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