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Closed Project

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Fall 2007


Dragan Milosevic

Course Title

Portfolio Management for New Products

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ETM 510


The problem which is generally being countenance by a Natural resource company in the field of oil production and exploration is the predicament of division among their projects; they have 5 major and 19 medium and 18 small projects minor projects in the pipeline and only 41 employee. As there are numerous projects these projects are not only dilemma for employee but also an intimidation for company’s budget and they are also affecting major projects. It is believed that with the use of Portfolio Management System this issue could be solved. There are a few key factors as they are the cause of success, Good financial support is the basic need for getting good position, and the development of skills via training so then they can take advantage of technology. The subject which should be resolute is, the go/kill process as it is accountable for a lot of projects in the pipeline and can demolish company. On the other hand, the company should responsive of quality and price of product as these are the two main factors in the industry. By the comparison of company and industry key success factors it can be said that the company has to perk up quality of its work in order to reside competitive and should follow strategies for its success, facts like implementation of development programs, the choice of project should be made on the basis of availability of man power. After the implementation of these factors it is clearly observed that quality has been improved and burden has been reduced. Finally the local companies get chance to grow by the improved in local economy.


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