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Closed Project

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Summer 2010


Timothy Anderson

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Engineering and Technology Management Synthesis

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ETM 590/690


Technology -- Management, Engineering -- Management, Engineering -- Costs -- Management, Project management, Portland State University. Department of Engineering and Technology Management


According to PSU’s ETM brochure for the Master’s degree program, there are two obvious course options in the core courses for direct cost and financial knowledge, which include Advanced Engineering Economics (ETM 535) and Financial Accounting (Actg 511) [4]. While the first course is currently being offered by the department and available to all ETM students, the latter is being provided by the School of Business Administration and is unavailable to non-business school students. All other ETM courses emphasize on management of technology process and knowledge with moderately limited coverage on the cost and financial aspects.

With the stated importance of the cost and financial perspectives, the ETM department of Portland State University (PSU) realizes that there is a knowledge gap in the cost and financial perspectives in the department’s curricular spectrum. As an educational institution aiming to prepare successful engineering and technology managers since 1987, the department has an initiative to develop a new course to provide the cost and financial skills and knowledge that will be important for engineering and technology managers. Since the knowledge relating to cost and financial aspects in business environment is very broad, the ETM department at PSU is particularly interested in developing a new course that offers a set of cost and financial knowledge and skills that is highly relevant to the ETM context.

This study is then initiated to assist the department in exploring the content for this new course. During the initial scoping effort of this study, it was recommended by the research project advisor to conduct this research based on the paper published by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACE International) titled ‘Required Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering’ (AACE International Recommended Practice No. 11R-88) [5].

The skills and knowledge of cost engineering relevant to the ETM context will be identified from two different perspectives, the industry and the ETM academia. The use of these two sources in identifying contents for academic curriculum or courses is not new. It has been proven to be a useful framework by a couple studies ([6] and [7]) for identifying ETM related knowledge and is considered applicable to this study. The ETM identified skills and knowledge of cost engineering will then be assessed with respect to the current list of available courses by the ETM department at PSU.


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