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Closed Project

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Winter 2010


Antonie Jetter

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Communication and Team Building

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EMGT 522


Teams in the workplace -- Analysis, Communication in small groups, Teams in the workplace -- Case studies, Social groups -- Management, Teams in the workplace -- Effect of personality traits on


This paper outlines the growth Team 1 has undergone during the course of Communication and Team Building class. Badr, Ibrahim, Ying, and Parisa are the four corners that make up Team 1. Each chapter of their journey in developing, maintaining, and exercising their team building skills is evaluated and analyzed. These chapters are examined in details revealing the internal conflicts and resolutions the team has come to counter during the course of the class. In addition, the growth the team experienced is unmistakable evident through the observations mentioned blew. The growth the team experienced is defined as the ultimate learnings of which the team members acquired by going through team building experiences. Not all the learnings the team members experienced were pleasant; nevertheless, it assisted in making their journey more remarkable and significant. For instance, it has been learned that conflict within team members can be resolved best with the help of other members by effective use of conflict resolution techniques. Such conflict resolution techniques were discussed and explained throughout the course of the class. Those techniques were used by some team members to resolve actual conflict situation created within the team. Moreover, it has been observed that informal relationships are effective up to a certain point; however, it must be managed carefully and delicately since it might result in internal compromises and conflicts. All in all, all of these experiences resulted in a more mature and knowledgeable team players.


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