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Closed Project

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Winter 2010


Antonie Jetter

Course Title

Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522/622


Teams in the workplace -- Analysis, Communication in small groups, Teams in the workplace -- Case studies, Social groups -- Management


Teams are the vital building blocks that an organization relies on, leveraging the knowledge and experience of team members in problem solving, resulting in innovative solutions. As ubiquitous as teams are in the workplace, the meaning and making of a team is still an elusive and complex area worth investigating. This process report chronicles our group’s attempts at becoming a team. It documents our performance, decisions and events that shaped our development as a team. An analysis of these observed behaviors and events are anchored on concepts and team building tools discussed in class. Our team’s progress will first be discussed from the perspective of three team development models: the team categories promoted by Katzenbach and Smith [3], Tuckman’s sequential model [4] and Gersick’s theory of punctuated equilibrium [2].

The communication methods and approaches used by team members will be identified and described in the next section, as will the contexts in which computer-aided tools were used and their impacts on social integration within our team. The formation of our team charter, mutual accountability on the team, conflict management and the need to establish a reward system are all discussed in the fourth section. A turning point in our team experience was during the collaboration on our team research paper. The defining actions, decisions and events during this project will be presented and analyzed in the fifth section of our report. Finally, key lessons learned and insights from our collective experience as a team will be presented in the conclusion, as will a summary of our general thoughts and feelings on our team’s performance.


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