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Mathematics -- Study and teaching (Elementary), Effective teaching, Mathematical ability, Mathematics teachers--Training of


Leaders in professional development (PD) initiatives (such as facilitators, principals, coaches) hold a great deal of power in their language, carrying the ability to manage meaning and frame experiences. Rather than working from interview data, this report addresses a gap in leadership research by examining the words used by leaders in their on-the-job interactions. We present an initial framework for capturing leadership language qualities at the macro level (framing the PD’s purpose) and micro level (rhetorical crafting in terms of metaphor usage, pronoun choice, and other language selections). Our data come from a larger project evaluating the efficacy of a large-scale sustained PD. Through developing a lens for analyzing leadership, we hope to build a tool to eventually connect leadership with other related PD measures including teacher buy-in, fidelity of implementation, and ultimately outcomes in schools.


Presented at The University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ.

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