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Applied Physics Letters

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Transistors, Semiconductors, Nanostructured materials, Nanowires


A vertical field-effect transistor based on semiconductor nanowires is reported. The fabrication of the device uses a self-supporting flexible nanostructured polymer foil as a template and an electrochemical growth technique for the preparation of the semiconductor. The fabrication process is substantially simpler, and the mechanical robustness is strongly increased as compared to the original device. The channel region of the transistor has a diameter of ∼100 nm and a length of ∼50 nm. Operation in the hole depletion mode allows a change of the transfer conductance by ∼50% when the gate voltages is changed in the range ∓1 V. The gate leakage current is ∼600 fA per transistor. The overall layout is suitable for optical pixel control on large-area flexible substrates.


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