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Sun -- Internal structure, Stopping power (Nuclear physics) -- Neutrinos


An exact expression is derived within the high-Q approximation for the spectrum of energy losses of neutrinos interacting via their magnetic moment with electrons. A formula for the stopping power of matter for neutrinos is derived and applied to the study of the solar neutrino anomaly. The total inelastic cross section is given. An upper limit is deduced for the neutrino magnetic moment from the antineutrino spectrum as recently parameterized by Lee (1979). It confirms the bound reported by Cowan and Reines. The distance for stellar neutrinos to thermalize by the interactions studied here, through encounters with stars is found to exceed the radius of the Universe by many orders of magnitude. Stellar neutrinos should thus retain the energy given them at their creation and, rather than cluster around galaxies, permeate the Universe uniformly.


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