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European History | History of Religion


Germany (East) -- Church history -- 20th century, Germany (East) -- Religion, Communism -- Germany (East) -- Influence on religious belief, Germany (East) -- Economic policy, Atheism -- Germany (East) -- History


With a population of 52.1% presently identifying as atheists, East Germany ranks as the most atheistic region of the world. This anomaly can be explained through the economic lenses of supply-side theory and demand-side theory when analyzing the changes instated by the Communist Party during the life of the German Democratic Republic, from 1945 to 1989. Through a process of secularization and religious oppression, the Communist Party lessened the supply of religious goods in East Germany. On the other hand, it also minimized religious demand by providing secular alternatives to traditional religious practices, and institutionalizing anti-religious sentiment. These actions combined have caused the number of citizens subscribing to religious institutions to decrease steadily over the past century.

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The Most Godless Region of the World: Atheism in East Germany