Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of submission? Why should I participate?
  • Increase citation impact and visibility
  • Quickly archive work and share with colleagues
  • Software provides persistent URL
  • Meets data management requirements for dissemination
  • Includes SelectedWorks, a personalized web page
How do I contribute to PDXScholar?

Please contact to submit your research or inquire about submissions. We accept many formats of materials, including articles, content from conferences, whole journals, open textbooks and more. Let us know about your research.

Can I post the publisher’s version of a journal article?

It depends on what the journal publisher allows, which is usually specified in their agreement with the author, but our staff will examine the publishers copyright terms agreements on your behalf. Permissions for many publishers can be found at SHERPA RoMEO.

How does PDXScholar support electronic publishing of academic journals?

PDXScholar can provide a peer-review workflow and application process for submissions designed to streamline and simplify the publication of online journals. Features include:

  • A peer-review process which tracks referee activity, automatically emailing appropriate reminders, and providing a mechanism for anonymous correspondence between reviewer and author
  • Oversight of editorial tasks such as referee correspondence and manuscript tracking
  • Elimination of mail and copy costs

More Information: PDXScholar Journal Publishing Policy

Email Us for assistance.

How Does PDXScholar support Open Access Textbook Publishing?

Open textbooks are digital in format and made freely available over the web for students at PSU and beyond.

How Can Funds be Used?
Support budget is mutually agreed upon between the Library and the faculty member and can include such items as summer support for 9-month faculty/staff, research support, peer-reviewers, accuracy checkers, copy-editors, and GA support. The budget includes other payroll expenses (OPE) on any funds used for payroll-related expenditures.

How will Proposals be Chosen?
Successful proposals will meet the following criteria:
Required: Comprehensive works geared toward a specific field of study; must be used in a PSU course; must be reviewed by 2–3 peer-reviewers (2 reviewers must not be affiliated with PSU); and meet Open Textbook Library submission criteria

Preferred: Impact large numbers of PSU students

What About Copyright?
In accordance to the Portland State University IP Policies and Guidelines: Copyright authors are required to assign copyright to PSU. The open access textbook will include a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license which will allow author(s) and other to remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially. The new work must acknowledge Portland State University as the original copyright holder and be non-commercial, the derivative work does not have to be licensed under the same terms. Portland State University will hold these rights as well.

How does PDXScholar support conference hosting?

PDXScholar can provide a peer-review workflow and application process designed to streamline and simplify conference hosting. Features include:

  • Tools to easily manage electronic paper submission, peer review, acceptance, permissions, and publication
  • Papers can be collected into proceedings series that are fully indexed and discoverable in search engines, disseminated to readers and integrated with the hosting department’s site on the repository
  • Conference organizers can stream presentations, post photos, and can have their site branded with a completely unique design

If you would like to discuss this service in more detail, please contact PDXScholar:

My colleague told me he has his own "SelectedWorks" page. Can I participate?

SelectedWorks, a service of PDXScholar, provides faculty with a customizable web page to store, manage, and highlight scholarship. You may easily include or exclude information such as your photo, an introductory paragraph (brief bio or personal information), your vitae, contact information, honors and awards, areas of expertise, courses taught and links to additional resources.

These sites rank higher than personal websites in Google and other search engine results. Benefits of SelectedWorks:

  • Enhances professional visibility and impact through broader dissemination and increased use of research
  • Provides a quick, effortless, and inexpensive method of sharing research
  • Allows tracking of document usage through download reports; you will be able to see how many times each articles has been downloaded
  • Notifies colleagues when new publications are uploaded
  • When authorized, enables an easy method to allow assistants to update and maintain your site
  • Creates an online vita which can provide full-text access to your publications
  • You can keep your SelectedWorks site up and available when you leave an institution because all content posted is perpetually available. If your new institution also has SelectedWorks, then you can change your current SelectedWorks account to reflect the look and feel of your new institution

Email Us your publication list, resumé, or curriculum vitae and professional photo to get started. Library staff will create your SelectedWorks page, and you will have the opportunity to go into your SelectedWorks account and update it further.

What rights are retained? What can others do with my work?

The purpose of PDXScholar is to provide open access to PSU scholarship to researchers throughout the world via the Internet. By default, materials deposited into the repository are open access, which means anyone on the web can access them. In addition, repository materials are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved by the copyright holder. As an alternative to reserving all rights, authors are encouraged to consider licensing their works under a Creative Commons License, under which they can preserve those rights that are most important to them (e.g., proper attribution,) and at the same time explicitly grant to readers certain other rights chosen by the author to be used at the reader's discretion (e.g., copy, distribute, display, or perform the work.) For additional information, see PDXScholar copyright/authors rights