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Faculty and staff can use this form to submit work to PDXScholar and/or SelectedWorks:

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Please see submission guidelines of each journal/event before submitting the online form.

Collection-specific Submission Forms for Students


Please Note: Graduate-level dissertations and theses are automatically archived.

Nominate Exceptional Student Work or Give Consent to Share Your Work

SelectedWorks How-to Guide:

SelectedWorks is an optional service that enables PSU Faculty and staff to create a personalized research profile. The profile allows scholars to manage a public record of scholarly publications, presentations, and biographical information, such as research interests, grants, affiliations, and curriculum. Once created, an author’s SelectedWorks profile exists in perpetuity, regardless of PSU affiliation. All content in SelectedWorks is optimized for discovery in Google and Google Scholar and is included in the University Expert Gallery.

Create an Account, or Reset your Password

  • Enter your email, and complete the form.
  • If Library staff have already set up your account, use the password reset option.

Customize Your Profile

  • Select the About tab and add biographical information.
  • Be aware that only the completed sections will be displayed.
  • Important: Check the box to affiliate your profile with PSU.

Add and Manage Works

  • Select the Works tab, and then Add Work.
  • Options:
    • Upload a File Choose this option if you are certain there are no copyright restrictions. If you are not sure, please email your file to Our team will check copyright terms and add your file to PDXScholar, then import it to SelectedWorks or add a link if copyright prevents upload.
    • Add a Link Use the DOI when possible, or link to the publisher’s website. Linking to the Library website is another option.
    • Add Metadata This option allows you to add the citation, or link or upload a file.
    • Import Works This option pulls works from PDXScholar into your SelectedWorks profile.
  • Select Manage Categories to organize works, change headings, and customize the display order.

Manage Your Account

  • Select the your name in the upper right, then Account Settings.
    • Change your password.
    • Make your profile public, or hide your profile.
  • Reporting Tools

    • Select your name in the upper right, then Author Dashboard.
    • You will see a readership distribution map and download statistics.
    Questions about the submission process?
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