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Dementia -- Patients -- Care, Alzheimer's disease -- Patients, Congregate housing, Group homes for older people -- Oregon -- Statistics, Group homes for older people -- Oregon -- Social aspects


This report summarizes findings from the 8th annual study of Oregon community-based care settings, including assisted living and residential care facilities, and memory care communities. This study was conducted during fall 2021 and winter 2022.


This is a final draft of a report that will be replaced by the funding agency's (Oregon Department of Human Services) formatted copy; permission was received from the funding agency to post this draft.


A study completed by The Institute on Aging at Portland State University In partnership with Oregon Department of Human Services.

IOA/PSU Study Team:

Ozcan Tunalilar, Ph.D. Paula Carder, Ph.D. Sheryl Elliott, M.U.S Minju Kim, M.S. Diana Jacoby, M.S.G. Jaclyn Winfree, M.S. Wafi Albalawi, M.S.

ODHS Study Team:
Julia Brown, Max Brown, Rebecca Mapes, Jordan Purdy, Jay Grussing, Jan Karlen

Additional contributors from Portland State University:
Madeline Fox, Megan McLaughlin, and Cassidy Rogoway, Nathan Parsons

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