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Long-term care facilities -- Oregon, Congregate housing -- Oregon, Group homes for older people -- Oregon, Older people -- Care -- Employees


Senate Bill 703 directed Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) to conduct a study of licensed residential care (RCF) and assisted living (ALF) facilities, including those with a memory care (MC) endorsement, to evaluate: a) Total cost to provide care to residents, b) the sufficiency of the Medicaid reimbursement paid to facilities to meet the total cost of care, and c) the average compensation paid to direct care workers by the facilities by geographic region. ODHS contracted with the Institute on Aging (IOA) at Portland State University (PSU) to conduct a study to achieve these three objectives. In the fall of 2022, IOA developed and conducted the study in collaboration with ODHS staff, with multiple opportunities for input from community partners, including consumer advocates and direct care worker partners, long term care trade associations, and attendees of the Long-Term Care Facility Provider Workforce Recovery Workgroup. This report describes the findings of the resulting study, which uses multiple data sources, including data collected by IOA from over 150 ALF/RCF providers and Medicaid reimbursement data provided to IOA by ODHS.

Prepared for: Oregon Department of Human Services Office of Aging and People with Disabilities

A study completed by the Institute on Aging at Portland State University with funding from and in partnership with Oregon Department of Human Services


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