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Aging population, Older people -- Housing


This report describes the initial findings of an on-going evaluation of the Housing with Services project based in Portland, OR. Housing with Services was supported, in part, with funding from Oregon’s State Innovation Model (SIM) project grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovations to Cedar Sinai Park.

Housing with Services, LLC is a collaborative model of supportive services delivered or made available to low-income residents of affordable housing. The SIM grant helped to establish the project and funded the evaluation of the program implementation and resident- and system-level outcomes.

The collaborative model includes partnerships between health plans, coordinated care organizations (CCOs), housing providers, health and social service agencies, and long-term supports and services providers. The mission is to improve the health outcomes, reduce health care costs, and to promote community inclusion and self-determination for seniors and people with disabilities living in subsidized housing.

The broad program goals include reducing hospital and long-term care service use, improving health outcomes among building residents, addressing social determinants of health, increasing member engagement in preventive health care, and saving health-related costs by coordinating services to low-income residents of affordable housing. Affordable housing is an important resource for low-income older adults and persons with disabilities. Over half of all recipients of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assisted housing are elderly or disabled (Sard, 2013). In order to identify policy and program solutions that support residents aging in place, LeadingAge, a national non-profit organization with support from Enterprise Foundation, organized a Learning Collaborative that includes 12 non-profit housing providers in 11 states (Leading Age, 2014). Cedar Sinai Park has been part of this collaborative since 2012.

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