Amplify: A Journal of Writing-as-Activism aims to amplify the voices and visions of students, educators, and community members individually and collaboratively in "writing as activism": that is, writing that intends to provoke change towards social justice on the individual, collective, social, and/or political level.

Spring 2022 update: The inaugural issue of Amplify: A Journal of Writing-as-Activism is currently in process! Once it is published, a call for submissions for our second issue will be posted here. Please contact the editorial team with any questions.

We invite writing that embodies, engages, and responds to the following topics, offered here to inspire work, rather than to constrain its possibilities:

  • writing, activism, and racial justice; social justice; restorative justice; transformative justice
  • roles, impacts, and examples of writing within future/past/current activist and social movements and moments
  • writing that examines/draws upon genre, myth, storytelling, world-building
  • writing that explores relationships of identity, ability, bodies, emotions, health, and activism
  • intersections of technology, communication, and writing-as-activism
  • writing that explores the limitations of language and of writing to catalyze change in the world
  • teaching and learning writing-as-activism
  • writing and activism within, through, and beyond the academy
We welcome your submission of work from the following broad formatting categories:
  • Articles, essays, fiction, creative nonfiction (up to 5000 words)
  • Poetry (up to 10 pages, submitted as individual poems or as a connected manuscript)
  • Written works that contain visual elements (including graphic texts and works that include illustrations)
  • Written works that include sound files

Before you submit, please review the journal’s editorial policies, including the peer review process that will follow your submission. Feel free to email the journal’s managing editors with any questions you may have as you prepare your submission, or if you are unsure about the length, format, or other aspects of your work as a potential fit for Amplify: A Journal of Writing-as-Activism.