Submission Preparation Guidelines

Informed by accessibility guidelines, this page outlines basic typesetting and layout recommendations for submissions to Amplify: A Journal of Writing-as-Activism. These elements and more can be discussed with editors as part of the participatory peer review process.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Please submit your manuscript, including illustrations, tables, appendices, etc., as a single file (Word, RTF, or PDF files are accepted).
  • Page size should be 8.5 x 11-inches.
  • Whenever possible use italics to indicate text you wish to emphasize rather than underlining it.
  • Except for when special symbols are needed, please use Times New Roman or the closest comparable font available. If you desire a second font, for instance for section headings, please use a sans serif font (e.g., Arial).
  • The main body of text should be set in 12pt. Please avoid the use of fonts smaller than 6pt.


The editors request that authors provide complete and consistent references in the citation style of their choosing (APA; Chicago; MLA; etc.) and include a References section at the end of their manuscript.