An Atlas of Human Prehistory

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Cognella Academic Publishing

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Many undergraduates struggle to fully understand the size of the earth and the diverse environments to which human beings have successfully adapted. An Atlas of Human Prehistory gives students an appreciation for the sheer size of the earth and the diverse geographies through which humanity and our ancestors have migrated and settled over millions of years.

The book’s unique formatting allows students to read a stand-alone topical essay on the left-hand page, which refers to the accompanying detailed maps and diagrams on the right-hand page. The maps and diagrams provide additional details and enable students to “see” human adaptation across time and space. This fresh, engaging approach covers hominin evolution, important fossil sites, early dispersal around the world, biocultural and subsistence adaptations, and the establishment of ancient civilizations.

An outstanding blend of words and visuals, An Atlas of Human Prehistory gives readers excellent graphical representations of the chief lessons of our shared past and a greater understanding of the pace of movement across time. It is an excellent supplement for courses in archaeology, ancient history, human geography, and physical anthropology.

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